I’m a creative digital producer with 5+ years of experience managing projects in the sports, technology, fashion, corporate social responsibility, and lifestyle sectors.




I'm a Los Angeles-based Product Manager and Digital Producer with nearly a decade of experience leading multidisciplinary teams in the delivery of products through production schedules. I believe that a successful business relationship between creative, engineering, and sales teams is rooted in communication. I am an expert at translating across those business languages. Whether it’s at a small non-profit, a start-up, or a global multinational media company, internal communication and cooperation should be as uniform as the branding. I am a creative, analytical thinker with a passion for digital strategy.

I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with Bachelor’s degrees in Government & Politics and French Language and Literature. I have a Master’s degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs. I’m a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), with experience working in Agile, waterfall, and hybrid work environments. I’ve worked in fashion, technology, media, sports, and corporate social responsibility.  

In my free time, I enjoy essay writing, music composition and production, videography, and skateboarding. I speak French fluently, play the guitar and bass, and am always reading at least three books. I am originally from New York, and have lived in Washington D.C.,  Paris, and Nice and have spent considerable time in London and Kampala. I love lasagna, politics, and cats.